• Below, you’ll find some information about the specialist importers who are take part in the Collective’s events, the upcoming event being at Comme, Tuesday July 9th, 2013.

    Each importer page features a list of wines that will be on tasting on the day, however, if you’d prefer to see the full list of wines, click here.



    • Basile Imports

      Basile Imports 

      BASILE IMPORTS was founded in 1982 by the Basile family. It specialises in importing Italian fine wines and food. Ken John is their wine buyer.

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    • Bistrow


      BISTROW originated in Bordeaux from the common will of French-Australian friends with a passion for wine inherited from generations of family traditions. We offer top quality wines sourced mainly from small, boutique Bordeaux vineyards at affordable prices.

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    • Britten Wine Merchants

      Britten Wine Merchants 

      BRITTEN WINE MERCHANTS was started in 2009 by Dominic Britten. Dom grew up in the restaurant business and after running many successful restaurants, his passion for great wine led him to start his company. BRITTEN WINE MERCHANTS specialises in high-quality, small-scale producers from New Zealand.

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    • Duplonk


      DUPLONK was started in 2011 by Gregory Hamalian, after he spent the last 12 years working in wine production between France, New Zealand, and more recently, Australia. DUPLONK specialises in high-quality, little-known French wines.

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    • Grande Vindima

      Grande Vindima 

      GRANDE VINDIMA was started in 2009 by Michael Wren, after he spent a decade immersing himself in Portuguese culture and wine-making. GRANDE VINDIMIA specialises in Portguese wines and olives oils.

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    • Untapped Fine Wines

      Untapped Fine Wines 

      UNTAPPED FINE WINES was founded in February 2011 by David and Amy Gilmour, with the purpose of providing wine from regions of the world currently “untapped” by Australians. Their specialty is to import wines from Spanish-speaking countries; Argentinian, Chilean, Uruguayen and Spanish wines.

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